Function and Event Venues in Auckland

With so many function and event venues in Auckland, it can be hard to know where to begin. At Venue Finder, we make it simple to find the perfect function or event venue. Explore top Auckland venues now

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Our Process

Our established venue list compiles the very best function venues across the city all in one space for you. This comprehensive process makes it easier than ever to find the right venue for your function or event, catering to a wide range of sizes, styles, budgets and more.

The success of your event or function largely hinges on your chosen event space and we understand how important it is that you find the right one. Selecting the perfect function venues in Auckland will help everything else fall into place, from catering and entertainment to attendance and aesthetics. This is why we’re dedicated to helping New Zealanders find the spaces they need for a memorable event or successful function.

What We Do

We’re a New Zealand based, owned and operated business, dedicated to promoting the very best local vendors for your event. It’s our mission to help foster a thriving hospitality industry and connect people with businesses and event venues in Auckland they can trust to get the job done right and provide the service they need.

Regardless of the size or scope of your event or how much experience you have, we can help make putting it together as simple and stress free as possible. By finding the perfect venue for your event, you’ll have more time and resources to focus on all the other elements of your function and make sure all your hard work pays off.


When should I start planning my event?

You should begin event planning approximately 6 to 12 months before the scheduled date to ensure it’s well organised and successful. Starting early allows you to select appropriate event venues in Auckland and gives you ample time for vendor negotiations and comprehensive logistical planning. For larger or more complex events, an extended timeline ensures enough time for coordination. If your event is smaller, a 3 to 6 month planning window may be enough. Regardless, early planning accommodates any unexpected challenges, provides flexibility in decision making and enhances the overall execution of your event.

How much should I spend on an event venue?

Allocate about 20 to 30% of your event budget for the venue. This percentage allows for flexibility in accommodating other essential expenses such as catering, decorations and entertainment. The specific allocation may vary based on your event's size, location and the amenities offered by the venue. Prioritise event venues in Auckland that align with your event goals and audience expectations, balancing quality with budget considerations. Remember to account for any additional fees or services associated with the venue. Careful budget planning ensures you will be able to secure a suitable venue without compromising on other important aspects of your event.

What makes a good event venue?

Good event venues in Auckland are versatile, well equipped with amenities, easily accessible and staffed by experienced professionals. The venue should create an atmosphere that aligns with the event's purpose, offers catering options, ensures safety measures and falls within a reasonable budget. Positive reviews and a successful track record will help provide peace of mind and its suitability to your event.