Wedding Venues in Canterbury

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Our Process

We’ve compiled a list of the finest wedding venues in Canterbury all in one place to simplify this process and provide unbeatable convenience. No matter your budget, style or any other personal preferences, we’re sure to have plenty of stunning locations for you to choose from. North Canterbury wedding venues can be found in the sub-regions of greater Canterbury, including Waipara - Glasnevin, Waikari and Banks Peninsula, along with the Canterbury Plains.

We understand just how important finding the right wedding venue is, which is why we’re here to help. Not only does your venue need to meet your desired ambience and aesthetics, but it also needs to have all the facilities and amenities that you need. Start exploring our list of vendors now and lock down the wedding venue of your dreams.

What We Do

Owned and operated in New Zealand, Venue Finder is helping the hospitality industry thrive and helping local businesses reach new customers,grow and expand like never before. Whether you’re looking for birthday, function, conference or wedding venues in Canterbury, we can connect you with the spaces that you need.

Planning a wedding or an event of any size can be stressful, with so many different components that need thorough planning and organising. By providing you with the very best North Canterbury wedding venues, we can help you focus your energy on the other aspects of your event and ensure it runs smoothly from beginning to end.


When is the best time of year to get married in New Zealand?

The best time to get married in New Zealand is typically thought to be during summer. During these months the weather is warmer, with daily highs averaging between 21°C and 28°C. This provides a picturesque backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and beautiful landscapes for photos. When planning your special day, consider the climate, seasonal aesthetics and the availability of wedding venues in Canterbury to ensure a smooth and successful celebration.

How do I budget my wedding?

When budgeting your wedding, allocate funds based on your priorities and preferences. As an example, you might allocate 40% for North Canterbury wedding venue, catering and associated costs. Designate 15% for video and photography, 10% for entertainment and 15% for wedding attire, beauty and flowers. Leave another 10% for miscellaneous expenses such as party favours and transportation and then leave another 10% for any surprise extra costs that may pop up. This example budget distribution is well balanced and realistic, allowing flexibility for personal touches and unexpected surprises. Of course, your own budget can be adjusted to suit the specific outcomes you desire from your big day

How far out should I set my wedding date?

Set your wedding date approximately 9 to 12 months in advance. This time frame allows ample time for finding the best wedding venues in Canterbury, planning logistics and accommodating potential unforeseen circumstances. Popular venues may have limited availability, so early planning ensures you have a better chance of securing your desired date. However, flexibility is key and if your wedding is smaller or the date is less crucial you might have more options with a shorter timeline. Either way, starting the process around a year in advance allows for a well organised and stress free wedding planning experience.