Find an Event Venue in Christchurch

Finding the right event venue in Christchurch can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. At Venue Finder, we make finding the perfect function space easier than ever. Book yours today.

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Our Process

Our comprehensive list of venues compiles the very best function venues that Christchurch has to offer. There are countless options to choose from throughout the city and we’ve put the finest options all in one place to save you both time and energy.

Choosing the right event or function venues in Christchurch will have a substantial impact on your private event or professional function. Everything from your date, capacity, catering and speakers will be impacted by the space that you choose, which is why we’re committed to helping you find the venue that you need.

What We Do

Venue Finder is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated business, connecting customers throughout the country with the event services they need. We’re committed to helping people find suppliers and venues that align with their vision, budget and personal preferences.

No matter how big or small your event may be, we’re here to make the planning process run as smoothly as possible. By quickly securing your preferred event venue in Christchurch, you will have more time and energy to focus on the other components of your function and ensure its success.


When should I start looking for an event venue in Christchurch?

Start looking for a venue as early as possible, ideally 9 to 12 months before the event date. While smaller events might not require this timeframe, early planning allows for a broader selection and increases the chances of securing your desired event venue in Christchurch. This timeframe provides enough time to consider different options, negotiate contracts and plan other event details. However, if your event is sooner, begin the search immediately and consider venues with the availability you need. Popular event venues may have limited schedules, so early planning ensures you have enough time to make informed decisions and create a successful event.

What amenities should my chosen event venue have?

Choose an event venue in Christchurch with essential amenities like audiovisual equipment, reliable wifi, flexible seating arrangements, onsite catering, plenty of parking, a dedicated event staff, accessible facilities, security measures, versatile event spaces and natural light. Additionally, opt for venues with outdoor areas and flexible booking policies to ensure a positive experience for all attendees.

What is a good budget for an event venue?

The budget for an event venue in Christchurch can vary significantly based on many factors, although it will typically account for around 20 to 30% of your total spending. For example, if your total budget is $10,000, consider spending $3,000 to $5,000 on the venue. However, this is a rough estimate and the actual amount will depend on your specific needs and priorities. Keep in mind that additional costs such as catering, decorations and other services may also contribute to the overall expense.