Finding the best caterers to serve your guests

Function Catering

If you’re planning to organise a corporate event, food will be one of the essential aspects to cater to. It goes onto say a lot about your hospitality and how you treat your clients, employees, and partners. To ensure the event is pulled off with unmatched sophistication, you must consider the best caterers to serve your guests.

Get an approximate headcount before booking

You likely want your corporate event to have lots of guests, and while that’s great for your company that can be a problem for some catering services. Some caterers specialise in smaller, intimate events, while others are better suited for large events. That’s why you should get an approximate headcount before booking your caterer.

You don’t need to know exactly how many people will be at your corporate event, but you should have a general idea of how many guests you’ll have. That way you’ll be able to pick a corporate event catering service that can handle your guests.

Function CateringFunction Catering

Menu Options

The menu should be divided among vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians. You must find out how many types of cuisines can the catering company offer, they should be able to give you varied options. You need to at least get three separate quotes and ensure they provide clear pricing and what they will provide. The menu and cuisine option will help you choose the best company after you are sure of the quality of service and cost.

Request for samples

When someone tries to convince you of the quality of food they provide, they will give you samples. Along with their profile and experience, you need to taste their food first and then agree to take their services. Any caterer who doesn’t want to give you a basic sample of what they treat is not good to go ahead with.

Do you want a bar?

Many corporate events have a bar, providing guests with perfect cocktails all night long. But you don’t need to have a bar at your event. Consider what type of event you’re having and whether a bar would be appropriate. If you’re holding a holiday party or gala, you’ll want to have a bar. But if you’re just hosting a corporate conference, you can probably go without. Regardless, you’ll want to discuss the pros and cons with your corporate catering company to determine what’s best for your event.

Great corporate catering can be hard to find, and if you find a catering company that you love then you might want to consider an ongoing relationship. Plenty of corporate catering services are willing to sign ongoing contracts, guaranteeing their services for a set number of future events. An ongoing relationship between you and your caterer can be a great asset to your business, guaranteeing that guests will have great catering at all your company’s events.

You want your corporate event to be as memorable as possible, and having some great catering will help guests remember your event for years to come