How to book the right caterer for your corporate events

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Booking a caterer for your business event can be stress full, how do you make sure you succeed?

Define the objective of your event

First off, what is the outcome objective of your event? You’ve got it relatively easy if having fun and rewarding employees” is the answer! You could be looking at trying to win more business through impressing current or potential clients or launching a new product or service. There has to be more precision in deciding the right Caterer.

Planning Process

Throughout the planning process keep in mind what your objective is and make sure that everything that you do is centred around achieving it. Can’t decide between one venue or the other? Consider which will help you achieve your objective best – one may be closer and more convenient for your potential clients, or may be in a style that will be more likely to impress them. Make your decisions based on what you are trying to achieve.

Decide on your venue

Your event will be a gathering of people. Naturally, they need somewhere to gather. When picking a venue chose one that suits the number of people and the season you’re holding the event in.Your venue will determine which caterers you can use and which will fit best. They might even have a list of preferred caterers, this will serve as a guide. Just remember, that if none of the caterers fit your event then you can ask your venue to host a new caterer.

Search on Venue Finder

You can find and book fantastic corporate catering businesses on You can send multiple enquiries at once to corporate caterers in your region and request for their packages.

Don’t rule out a caterer if they don’t specialise in corporate catering

There might be a caterer out there who is perfect for your event, but when you look through their website you can’t see the phrase “corporate catering” or “business caterers”. Chances are that they will do it but may not mention it on their profile.

Request quotation

Figure our your guest numbers, location and event date and find out who is available and importantly, if they come in within budget. If you’re a talker then state that you’d rather they called you back, or, if you’d rather have a written record of all the quotes to make comparison easier ask for email responses. By setting in motion communication with your potential caterer you’ll be able to assess if you think you would like to work with them.

Response time

This one isn’t particular to caterers, but if you approach someone as a potential customer how and when they respond is an indication of how they will be throughout the build up to your event. I would expect a response within 2 working days, sooner is better. Keep an eye out for attention to detail.