Marquee Hire Tips

If you’re looking to hire a marquee for the first time it can be quite an overwhelming prospect. Unlike a traditional venue a marquee has virtually limitless opportunities to make the event your own, giving you the freedom to create something truly unique.

Get in early

We hire out our marquees throughout the year but if you have your heart set on a date, particularly if it’s over the summer months, it’s worth reaching out to us as early as you can to avoid disappointment. Peak season reduces stock availability so you may not be able to source all the items you need for your event if you leave things right to the last minute.


What size is the space available to you? How many people are you hoping to get into your marquee? If you’re working with limited space there’s still many options available to you but it’s worth noting that you need more space if you’re hoping for your guests to be seated at tables for your event, rather than if they were standing. You also need to consider the space required for catering and utilities, such as hidden spaces for catering staff to prepare your meal and a toilet block if needed.

Prepare for all weather

We have you covered in terms of ensuring you have a structure built to withstand the Great British weather, come rain or come shine. But it’s worth ensuring you have plenty of space available indoors if the weather does take a turn. If part of your celebration is outside you can have open sided areas or patio style doors to allow guests to freely flow in and out of your marquee, to escape a spot of rain or the searing midday sun.

Seating Plans

It’s important to note that round tables, long tables and theatre style seating all need different footprints. Consider if you also want relaxed areas as well as dining areas, such as some sofa seating near the bar for guests to break away to. If you’re having a sit-down meal, the space between the tables also needs to be taken into consideration. To allow plenty of space for catering and waiting staff to get around.

Entertainment Space

Is there plenty of space for your entertainment? Have you decided on whether you would like a DJ or band – or maybe something else entirely, the marquee is your oyster! Bands often require a specific size stage, to allow for all of their equipment, which we will need to take it into account and allow for in the space and plans. It’s worth thinking about whether your entertainment will need a green room too. Somewhere for them to chill out or prep in the time when they’re not performing or on stage. If your marquee is at Home or at a Venue then there may be a room they can use. If not, you may need to think about additional space for them.