Tips For Planning a Summer Marquee Wedding

Organising a marquee wedding can be a challenge, but the best thing about it is that you can choose any location you like and the space is a blank canvas that allows you to design your event exactly the way you want.

Marquee Style

Renting a marquee is the perfect option for a summer wedding if you picked a fabulous outdoor location but want to have a shelter from the rain. You can rent a big one and decorate it in a classical style for a fabulous traditional wedding, or simply pick a smaller one and make it chic and quirky for a less formal event. Depending on the style and the size of your budget, you can furnish your marquee with decadent furniture and lush decorations, or opt for simple, affordable design with plenty of DIY details you can make at home.

The choice of location will also influence the style of your event and summer provides plenty of options from sandy beaches to picturesque countryside, or even private gardens. Think whether your marquee should have big windows or be open on one side so that the scenery can play an important role in your celebration. You should also decide if you want a long banqueting table or smaller round or square tables.

Decorating Marquee

Decorating a marquee for a summer wedding can be a lot of fun, especially if you are a creative bride who has a vision of her big day. Whether you want a traditional design with opulent ivory and gold or silver décor, a trendy vintage theme or a colourful, whimsical design, a marquee can be styled any way you like.

You can decorate your ceiling with a pretty lining to add romantic flair to your venue. Think retro floral prints if you are planning a vintage themed reception, or simply use bright shades from your colour palette. Lighting plays an important role at a summer wedding, so pick an open marquee that looks bright during daytime and create ambience with fairy lights, paper lanterns or light bulbs scattered across the ceiling if you are planning an evening event.

If you want to decorate your wedding marquee with beautiful DIY ornaments, why not add splashes of colour with hand-made bunting, pompoms or paper tassels! These decorations are easy to make and you can ask your bridesmaids to help you, or purchase ready-made pieces and add DIY touch to your marquee wedding.

If you hire a big marquee, you can divide it in two separate spaces and have both a dining room and a lounge. These two rooms can have completely different themes which is great if you want traditional style at your dinner reception and a fun theme for the cocktail hour.