Popular Wedding Marquees

The popularity of the at home or marquee wedding is on the rise and there’s a heap of different types, styles and designs to choose from so where do you start? It can all seem very confusing. Yes, the best for you will depend on a few factors from the practical parts through to the style of your wedding.

Classic Marquee - Clear Span

Even within this there is a split into those called clear span and what I'm calling the traditional pole style. The clear span is the one I work with a lot. They very flexible canvas to work with. In super simple terms this type of marquee is built from an aluminium frame that this then clothed and lined. It means no poles inside to work around and because it is modular it’s a really flexible structure to fit most spaces. There are no pegs, it works on most surfaces. A growing trend is to opt to bring the outside in with clear (PVC or even glass) roofs and sides or a combination of covered versus clear.

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Classic Marquee - Traditional Span

Another classic marquee style, the traditional pole style is basically a marquee with poles, canvas sides and roof and typically hemp guy ropes. Because it is pegged into the ground, this style will not work on a solid surface. On most styles of this marquee, the sides can be rolled up to bring outdoors in. Traditional pole marquee has a much more vintage/rustic feel and can work brilliantly for this style of wedding. You can even make a mini feature of statement of the poles with your floral decor.

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Pearl Marquee

Simply put the a pearl tent combines the traditional elements of the pole marquee but with a contemporary look and feel. The fabrics are pure white, the shapes geometric (in fact a little art deco in look). The best was to get a feel for what I mean is visually through the images below. They are perfect if you are looking for something contemporary but with the romantic touch of tradition.

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Tepee Marquees

Tepees use a tripod arrangement of poles with exposed beams and interior guy ropes to stay secure. These are frequently used for destination weddings, and often double up as catering and dining zones in themed weddings. You can also use a tepee tent for creating an outdoor drinks reception. Several tepee tents can be joined to create a tepee village also. These tents are not as formal as the conventional marquees, so they are perfect for creating wedding reception areas.

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