Auckland Wedding Venues

Unsure of where to start looking for Auckland city wedding venues? Venue Finder has you covered. Book your dream location for your special day now.

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Our Process

We make finding the perfect Auckland wedding venues a breeze, with a comprehensive selection of options to suit every kind of wedding at every budget.

Selecting the right venue is arguably the most important decision you’ll make for your wedding and we’re here to help. Your venue has to have all the amenities and facilities you need, match your vision and represent the love between you and your significant other. Start exploring your options now and let Venue Finder make finding your wedding location easy and simple.

What We Do

Venue Finder is 100% New Zealand owned and operated and we specialise in shining a spotlight on the very best vendors for weddings, birthdays, work events and more. It’s our goal to help the local hospitality industry thrive, connecting people with businesses that can help turn their dreams into reality.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for Auckland city wedding venues that are small and intimate or grand and luxurious, you’ll find them all right here. With so many moving parts of your wedding ceremony and reception, we hope to make securing a venue stress free and fun, helping you discover hidden gems that you might not have otherwise found.


How far out should I start looking for a wedding venue?

Begin your search for Auckland wedding venues approximately 9 to 12 months before your desired wedding date. Starting early allows for a wider selection of venues and increases the likelihood of securing your preferred date and location. Popular venues may have limited availability, especially during peak wedding season, so an early start provides enough time for evaluations, negotiations and planning other essential details. However, if your wedding date is sooner, start the venue search immediately and consider locations with availability. Regardless of the timeframe, starting the process early ensures you have the best chance of securing a venue that aligns with your vision.

What questions should I ask potential wedding venues?

When considering Auckland city wedding venues, ask about availability, capacity, pricing, deposits and payment schedules. Enquire about cancellation policies, catering options, alcohol rules and restrictions on decorations or vendors. Clarify setup and cleanup assistance, parking availability and accessibility for all guests. Check for additional fees and a backup wet weather plan for outdoor events. These factors will ensure a comprehensive understanding and assist in choosing a venue that matches with your vision.

How much should I budget for my wedding venue?

Auckland city wedding venues are popular and can command allocation of between 40-50% of your total wedding budget. This includes the venue rental fee, any required deposits and potential additional expenses such as catering, decorations and rentals. The percentage may vary based on your specific preferences, the venue's pricing and the overall scale of your wedding. Carefully consider your priorities and distribute the budget accordingly to create the wedding of your dreams.