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Our Process

With so many different venues available, it can be difficult to know where to start. By having all of Wellington’s finest conference locations in one space, we streamline the process and make it simpler than ever before.

Planning a conference is no easy feat, which is why we’re committed to helping you get the job done right. Whether your event is small or large, we can help you find affordable, quality and highly regarded Wellington conference venues as soon as possible.

What We Do

We’re a New Zealand owned and operated business, dedicated to helping the hospitality industry thrive. We connect people with the vendors that they need for events of all sizes and scopes, shining a spotlight on countless businesses and conference venues in Wellington.

No matter your budget, personal preferences or industry you’re in, we know that we can help you find the event space that you need. We can help save you precious time, effort and energy, allowing you to focus on the creative side of things and make sure your conference is the very best it can be.


When should I book my conference venue?

Book your conference venue well in advance, ideally 6 to 12 months before the event will take place. This time frame allows for securing the desired date, ensuring venue availability and providing plenty of time for planning logistics and arrangements. Popular Wellington conference venues may have limited availability, so early booking is essential to secure your preferred location and to allow enough time for coordination with vendors and other logistical aspects of your event.

What makes a great conference venue?

Great conference venues in Wellington should have several key attributes. Firstly, the venue should offer functional and flexible spaces to accommodate various event sizes and formats. Accessibility is important, with convenient transportation options and plenty of parking. State of the art audiovisual facilities, wifi and technical support will help enhance the overall experience. Professional and responsive staff will help your event go off without a hitch. Catering options and customisable menus add to the venue's appeal and aesthetically pleasing surroundings and comfortable seating will create a positive atmosphere. Lastly, strong reviews and a track record of successful events will indicate the venue's reliability. These factors will create an environment that will help make your conference a surefire success.

How much of my budget should go towards my conference venue?

Allocate approximately 30 to 40% of your budget to your conference venue. This includes rental fees, any additional services provided by the venue and potential audiovisual or technical support costs. Striking a balance between a quality venue and other essential aspects of the conference is crucial. Prioritise Wellington conference venues that align with your event goals and provide all the necessary amenities. Keep in mind that specific requirements, such as venue size and location, may impact the budget distribution. Careful consideration of these factors ensures a positive experience for your guests while managing costs effectively.