Types of Marquee for hire

There are many types of events for which this structure would be suitable. For example, maybe your business is having a two or three day training seminar. You want to get employees away from the regular work place so that they can focus on the training materials. Setting up a tent at a different location is often seen as a mini-vacation as well as a learning experience. Training materials can be left in place during the session, rather than having to be moved to get regular work done.

A tent could be set up for a trade fair or similar event. Because the space is relatively secure and is not in danger of detrimental weather elements, vendors or groups can set up booths inside the tent. The visitors to the fair can wander through the exhibits at leisure.

The tent structures makes it easy to arrange items in the interior of the space for good traffic flow or even good seating arrangements. Visitors won’t have problems with poles or posts to obstruct vision or traffic. The size of the tents is large enough the traffic can be directed through a double row of booths or kiosks. Other arrangements are possible since the clear span arrangement doesn’t require additional posts and support wires.

These structures are often selected for parties. When your home is too small or is not set up for a large gathering, bringing in a tent is the perfect way to expand your guest list to a lot of people. The mess and confusion is kept out of the house, but still can be close to the house. This only works if you have a green space near your home where the structure can be erected.

When planning for your party, event or celebration, it is important to choose the right size for the type of gathering you have in mind.

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