Perfect Marquee Event in Winter

Marquee Type

To create your very own perfect marquee event during winter you need to start by choosing the right type of marquee. There are numerous options for you to consider, with Clear span marquees being the best choice as it gives you lots of space to create the cosy space you have in mind. Available options, such as entrance tents, toilet marquees, flat or pleated lining and star-lit ceilings, get you a step further towards the creation of the perfect party environment.

The Location

When choosing a specific location of the marquee for your winter party it is important for you to consider where your guests and suppliers will park, and how they will all access the area. Winter weather tends to be wet, and if suppliers need to drive heavy vehicles to the site of the marquee, then you might find that the ground will be churned up even before your guests arrive. Guests will also not want to get their feet wet when moving from the parking area to the marquee. As such, you might need to plan for an access track or walkway to make accessing the marquee easier for everyone involved.


To create a professional-looking and cosy space you need to have the right flooring. The right flooring should make for a refined finish and should also keep water from seeping through the flooring during wet winters. A cassette or boarded floor with a cord carpet installed over it not only provides solid ground but also makes it possible for you to create a cosy space. The wide selection of finishes on offer makes it easier for you to find your preferred look.


To help your guests to forget about the chilling weather outside, and keep them relaxed, you need to choose the right lighting, in terms of colours chosen and fixtures used. Colourful lighting choices such as oranges and auburns can give the space a tropical feel, taking the minds of guests from the dull and freezing weather outside. The lighting used outside, as well as at the entrance, should also be strategically chosen to give guests the impression of a warm cosy space, as they approach.

In addition to this, you can also use a variety of other lighting fixtures, such as spotlights, festoons, filament bulbs, paper lanterns, chandeliers, LEDs and fairy lights among others.


Well placed heating is an important aspect of any successful marquee winter party. Just like you would need to heat up any indoor space during winter to create a warm comfortable environment, you need to heat up the inside of your marquee. To evenly heat up the space, be sure to strategically place heaters around the space in question, and circulate warm air. To encourage guests to remove their coats and relax as they make their way into the marquee, place a heater at the entrance.

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