Tips for selecting your wedding music and DJ

Wedding Music & DJsWedding Music & DJs

Lets talk about music. Sure, this is one of the items on your long list of things to discuss with your fiancé before the wedding but when you finally sit down to talk about it, what do you say? There is a little more to the music portion of your wedding than simply picking a couple songs that you like. Here are the top three things about your wedding music I think should be a part of the conversation.

DJ or no DJ?

This topic could be a game changer. If it is in your budget, you may really only need to select a couple of your favourite songs and let the DJ handle everything else. The DJ is also often the schedule keeper. They will play the right music at the right time and you will be able to create a queue for them to follow. However, if you love music and have playlist after playlist of tunes already created and organised, booking a DJ might not be necessary. If you decide to go this route, just remember you want to assign someone who will keep track of the clock and make sure you have the right music playing at the right times.

First Dance Song Selection

Is there a song that comes to mind that screams "this is us" or a song that has been important to you both during your relationship? If so, perfect! Use that meaningful song for your first dance. If not however, don’t panic because there are a million recommendations on the internet. One caution I would offer however is don’t use a song neither of you know. This can make for a very long first dance and potentially one you regret.

Set the Mood

There is a list of recommended times to have specials songs play whether you hire a DJ or decide to create your own playlist. These lists include songs to walk down the aisle, cut the cake, the first dance and the father/daughter dance. These are all important times to have meaningful music playing but the music you play the rest of the time will set the mood for what you want to happen. Do you want to finish conversations with your loved ones and play games or do you want your guests to join you on the dance floor? Whatever you choose, you get to set the mood. Love songs are of course good to play as background music but if you want to dance, play music that will get them out of their seats! After a long wedding day, in my opinion, the best thing to cap off your reception is to bust a move!