Questions to ask when picking a wedding band

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There’s no doubt it’s loads of fun picking all the different suppliers for your wedding but before you hire a live wedding band, there are 5 essential questions you should ask yourself.

What’s your wedding theme and will your live band suit it?

I’m sure this is already a huge part of your wedding planning, but your wedding theme is also hugely relevant when picking a live band. Suave and sophisticated or riotous festival style wedding perhaps? If you are designing a wedding anything like this or like anything else in between for that matter, you want to make sure all your wedding music and your live band fits into your carefully styled theme.

What’s your wedding entertainment budget?

I’m sure you have a pretty good idea of how much your wedding will cost so having a good idea of how much you can or want to spend on your wedding band is a crucial question to ask yourself.

Can your venue accommodate the band you want to hire?

This is an important one as there isn’t much point in booking that stupendously good wedding music band if your venue can’t accommodate them so before booking any band, check if your venue has any sound, space or other limitations which could hinder live music being performed

Do I need more than one live band?

If your budget allows, book two live wedding bands. Booking them alongside your evening wedding band could be the perfect way to go. It means every musical base is covered for your wedding in a nice simple way.

What would your wedding guests pick?

I know it’s your wedding and you are spending a lot of money for your weddings but the best ones, the ones with glowing bride and grooms, proud parents and guests that just couldn’t stop partying are the ones where wedding music was picked because it would entertain everyone. Being part of a wedding where everyone is having a fantastic time is truly amazing. When we have the time, everyone at Seventh Second heads to the pub and talks about how fun it was to be a part of all those people’s special days.

Wedding Music & DJsWedding Music & DJs