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Searching for the perfect Christchurch wedding venue? Here you’ll find all the very best local venues. Book the ideal space for your special day today.

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Our Process

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the finest wedding venues in Chch, all conveniently assembled in one place to make your selection process easy and convenient. No matter your budget, style or other personal preferences, we have an array of stunning locations to cater to all your needs.

We understand the importance of finding the right wedding venue, making it our mission to assist you with your event planning. A venue should not only represent your desired ambience and aesthetics but also provide all the necessary facilities and amenities. Begin your search through our carefully curated list of vendors now and secure the wedding venue of your dreams with ease.

What We Do

Owned and operated in New Zealand, Venue Finder aims to aid the continued success of the hospitality industry, helping local businesses reach both new customers and new heights. Whether you're on the lookout for birthday, function, conference or wedding venues in Christchurch, our platform can connect you with somewhere that meets all your requirements.

By giving you access to the very best wedding venues in Chch, we can help simplify the planning process of your event and give you more time and energy for the many other aspects you have to organise. Trust Venue Finder to simplify your selection process and make your function the very best it can be.


Should I have my wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue?

Deciding whether to have your ceremony and reception at the same Christchurch wedding venue depends on your preferences, logistics and the overall experience you envision. Having both events at one location offers convenience for guests and minimises travel and also streamlines planning and coordination. However, separate venues allow for diverse atmospheres, such as a scenic outdoor ceremony followed by a luxurious indoor reception. Consider factors like the venue's capacity, available spaces and your desired aesthetic. Ultimately, choose the option that matches your vision and enhances the overall celebration, whether it's the same venue or two distinct locations.

Should I hire a wedding planner?

Hiring a wedding planner can be a great investment, streamlining the planning process and reducing stress. A wedding planner brings expertise, industry connections and creative ideas to help execute your vision perfectly. They handle logistics, including finding your Christchurch wedding venue and securing other vendors, allowing you to focus on enjoying the wedding journey. If you prefer a hands on approach, you can go for partial planning services. However, if time is limited or you want professional guidance, a full service wedding planner can provide comprehensive support. Ultimately, a wedding planner can improve your overall experience, lowering stress and giving you more time and energy for the fun stuff.

What’s a good budget for my wedding venue?

Allocate around 40 to 50% of your total wedding budget for the venue. This budget includes the venue rental fee, deposits and potential additional costs as well. Keep in mind that the final cost may vary based on your priorities and the size and scope of your wedding. Striking a balance between quality wedding venues in Chch and other essential aspects will help ensure a successful and memorable day for all involved.