Wedding Reception Venues in Christchurch

Looking for your dream wedding reception venues in Christchurch? We’ve made it easier than ever to connect with the perfect venue for your special day. Book your wedding venue now.

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Our Location, Your Style

Regardless of what kind of space you’re looking for, we have an incredible range of options available for all budgets, tastes and preferences.

We understand just how important it is that you find the right venue, which is why we’re here to help. Not only does your venue need to have the facilities and the space to accommodate all your guests, but it also has to reflect the style, mood and ambience that you want to achieve. For the very best wedding reception venues in Christchurch all in one place, Venue Finder has you covered.

What We Do

At Venue Finder, we’re 100% New Zealand owned and operated. It’s our goal to connect customers with our country’s very best hospitality providers, helping businesses of all sizes expand their reach and continue to thrive. In addition to wedding reception venues in Christchurch, we can also help you find venues for functions of any kind with ease.

By enlisting the help of Venue Finder, you’ll simplify the planning process and save valuable time, energy and resources. Using our platform, you can gather multiple quotes at once to help you find wedding reception venues in Christchurch and plan your event without a hitch.


What should I be looking for in a wedding reception venue?

When you’re searching for wedding reception venues in Christchurch, there’s a specific criterion you should focus on. You should be on the lookout for somewhere that aligns with your vision including the atmosphere, capacity and amenities. Assess each space’s ambience to make sure it complements your desired mood or theme. Confirm with the venue staff that they can accommodate your guest list and then enquire about amenities such as catering and event coordination services. By discussing these elements in detail, you can make an informed decision that will ensure your wedding is a success.

How much of my budget should I spend on the venue?

It’s generally recommended that you spend around 40% of your total budget on your wedding reception venue. This allows for flexibility in covering other expenses such as catering, attire and decor. Don’t forget to keep in mind that preferences regarding location, guest numbers and the time of the year you get married can impact costs. Make sure you only consider wedding reception venues in Christchurch that fit into your budget and align with your vision for the day.

What time of the year should I get married?

The right time of the year to get married is dependent on your preferences and the kind of climate and environment you’d like for your special day. In New Zealand, the summer months are the most popular time to get married thanks to the warmer temperatures and longer days. Make sure to ask any potential wedding reception venues in Christchurch about availability and seasonal pricing throughout the year.