Top 10 Wellington Wedding Venues

Here are ten top wedding venues in Wellington, New Zealand:

  1. Old St. Paul's: Located in the heart of the city, Old St. Paul’s is a stunning wooden cathedral that offers a unique and historic setting for weddings. With its intricate architecture, beautiful stained glass windows, and serene atmosphere, it creates a truly romantic and memorable backdrop for ceremonies.

  2. The Boatshed: Situated on the waterfront in Oriental Bay, The Boatshed is a picturesque wedding venue with panoramic views of Wellington Harbor. The venue features a charming boathouse, lush gardens, and a spacious deck, making it an idyllic location for both ceremonies and receptions.

  3. Wellington Museum: Housed in a historic building on the waterfront, the Wellington Museum offers a blend of heritage charm and modern sophistication. The venue provides a range of versatile spaces, including the iconic Bond Store, the contemporary Maritme Room, and the rooftop terrace, all with stunning views of the harbor.

  4. Pencarrow Lodge: Nestled in the scenic hills of Eastbourne, Pencarrow Lodge provides a tranquil and private wedding venue. The lodge offers beautifully landscaped gardens, breathtaking views of the Wellington coastline, and a rustic lodge for indoor celebrations.

  5. Wellington Zoo: For couples looking for a unique and unforgettable wedding experience, Wellington Zoo offers a one-of-a-kind venue. The zoo provides various event spaces, including the tropical-themed Rainforest Room and the Lion House, allowing couples to celebrate their special day surrounded by fascinating wildlife.

  6. Boomrock: Located just outside Wellington in Ohariu Valley, Boomrock offers a stunning rural wedding venue with breathtaking views of the Tasman Sea and the South Island. The venue features a purpose-built lodge, a cliff-top ceremony site, and an elegant function room, providing an unforgettable setting for weddings.

  7. Zealandia: Set in a lush native forest, Zealandia offers a magical and eco-friendly wedding venue. The sanctuary provides a range of indoor and outdoor spaces, including the Treehouse, the Lakeside Lawn, and the Visitor Centre, all surrounded by native flora and fauna.

  8. Te Papa Tongarewa: Situated on Wellington’s waterfront, Te Papa is New Zealand’s national museum and a unique wedding venue. With its modern architecture and flexible event spaces, including the iconic Wellington Foyer and the Oceania exhibition area, Te Papa offers a contemporary and cultural backdrop for weddings.

  9. Wharekauhau Country Estate: Located in Palliser Bay, just outside Wellington, Wharekauhau Country Estate is a luxurious and exclusive wedding venue. The estate features a grand country house, beautifully manicured gardens, and panoramic views of the rugged coastline, offering an elegant and sophisticated setting for weddings.

  10. Tarureka Estate: Set in the Wairarapa region, about an hour’s drive from Wellington, Tarureka Estate is a historic and charming wedding venue. The estate boasts a lovingly restored barn, picturesque gardens, and spacious grounds, creating a rustic and romantic atmosphere for weddings.

These top wedding venues in Wellington showcase a range of options, from historic buildings and waterfront locations to rural estates and unique settings. Each venue offers its own charm and amenities, ensuring a memorable and magical wedding day for couples and their guests.