Top 10 Christchurch Wedding Venues

These top wedding venues in Christchurch showcase a variety of options, from historic buildings and vineyard settings to garden locations and contemporary venues. Each venue offers its own unique charm and amenities, ensuring a magical and unforgettable wedding day for couples and their guests.

Here are ten top wedding venues in Christchurch, New Zealand:

  1. Mona Vale Homestead: Located in the leafy suburb of Fendalton, Mona Vale Homestead is a historic venue surrounded by beautiful gardens. The venue offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, including a grand ballroom and a picturesque gazebo, providing a romantic and elegant setting for weddings.

  2. Trents Vineyard: Situated in the stunning countryside of Prebbleton, Trents Vineyard offers a charming vineyard wedding venue. The venue features picturesque gardens, a rustic barn, and a vineyard backdrop, creating a romantic and relaxed atmosphere for ceremonies and receptions.

  3. The George: Positioned in the heart of Christchurch, The George is a luxury hotel that offers a sophisticated and upscale wedding venue. The venue provides a range of elegant event spaces, personalized service, and exquisite catering options, ensuring a memorable and refined wedding experience.

  4. Rosemount Estate: Located in Tai Tapu, just a short drive from Christchurch, Rosemount Estate is a picturesque wedding venue set amidst beautiful gardens and vineyards. The venue offers a range of indoor and outdoor spaces, including a charming chapel and a rustic barn, providing a scenic and romantic backdrop for weddings.

  5. Pemberton: Set in the tranquil countryside of Prebbleton, Pemberton is a versatile wedding venue that offers beautiful gardens, a lake, and a modern reception facility. The venue can cater to both intimate and large weddings, providing flexibility and a serene atmosphere.

  6. Curator’s House: Situated in the stunning surroundings of the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, the Curator’s House is a charming and historic venue. The venue features beautiful gardens, a conservatory, and a stylish restaurant, offering an elegant and intimate setting for weddings.

  7. The Tannery: Housed in a beautifully restored historic building in Woolston, The Tannery provides a unique and stylish wedding venue. The venue features a variety of spaces, including a stunning atrium, boutique shops, and artisan food and beverage options, creating a trendy and contemporary atmosphere for weddings.

  8. Langdale Vineyard Restaurant: Located in the picturesque countryside of Prebbleton, Langdale Vineyard Restaurant offers a vineyard setting with panoramic views of the Southern Alps. The venue features a modern restaurant, expansive grounds, and a rustic barn, making it an idyllic location for rustic and romantic weddings.

  9. Chateau on the Park: Nestled in a tranquil park setting, Chateau on the Park is a charming hotel that provides a picturesque wedding venue. The venue offers beautiful gardens, elegant event spaces, and personalized service, ensuring a delightful and memorable wedding experience.

  10. The Sign of the Takahe: Positioned on the Port Hills, The Sign of the Takahe offers stunning panoramic views of the city and the Southern Alps. The venue features a historic building with charming character, beautiful gardens, and a range of versatile spaces for ceremonies and receptions.