How to plan a stress free wedding day

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful job, from booking the venue and sending out invitations to finding the perfect wedding dress, there is so much to do and you might begin to feel the pressure. You have to be extremely organised and be on top of it all but you should also enjoy the whole process and allow yourself some time to relax in the lead up to the wedding. Remember that your main goal is to have fun on that special day, so if anything goes wrong, don’t panic and simply find an alternative solution.

Plan your wedding on

Before you make any bookings do thorough and research on Check different venues and service providers to narrow down your list and enquire for their wedding packages for comparison. Our site is a great source of ideas and even the best professionals use it to become familiar with latest trends and find new and creative ideas. You can find amazing wedding suppliers from the perfect marriage celebrant to having the right wedding catering for your perfect day.

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Allow plenty of time for planning

It is very important that you have enough time to prepare for the big day. Ideally you will have 12 - 18 months, which is just about enough to cover everything from booking your favourite venue to sorting out all the suppliers. Don’t set impossible deadlines and stress out if the plan A isn’t working. Search for best possible solutions and don’t regret any decisions you make.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

For brides who want a flawless wedding but don’t have enough time or confidence to do everything alone, hiring a wedding planner is a very practical decision. While you are completely new to this business, they are experts in wedding planning, so why not appoint someone experienced to give you all the guidance you need and share the workload with you. Involving the groom in the planning process will be helpful too but make sure to include him in aspects of the wedding he feels comfortable with such as choosing menus and entertainment while leaving him out of girly things such as flowers and decorations which are better suited for female members of your bridal party. Be confident to delegate tasks and seek advice from your friends and family who have experience with planning a wedding.

Make a backup plan

From finding an alternative venue in case that the weather ruins your outdoor wedding to packing a spare pair of shoes, making a plan B will definitely minimise the risk of stress. You should also keep in mind that some members of the bridal party might get sick or be unable to attend your wedding for some other reason, so make a backup plan and be prepared to delegate his or her assignments to someone else. Set up an emergency list of service providers you can call in case anything goes wrong and you need some last minute alterations.

Spoil yourself before the big day

Finally, don’t forget to think about your wellbeing. Don’t let yourself get to the burnout stage and allow plenty of spare time for some pre-wedding pampering. Treat yourself with a trip to a spa or beauty salon where you can forget about wedding preparations and enjoy relaxing massages and beauty treatments. You want to look beautiful and feel relaxed on your wedding day, so make sure you look after your self br gicing yourself a break and treat along the way.

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