Choosing the right venue for your event

Choose a venue that fits your brand

Your event should be an extension of your brand, and the venue is no exception. When you visit and view a venue to potentially hire, imagine where signage might be displayed, or where an interactive social media could be placed. How the space allows your guest to interact in the space. Make sure the venue is the right space to make an emotional connection with your attendees so you can have a successful event.

Layout and Capacity

One of the most important things to consider when planning an event is the number of guests you are inviting. You should also consider the type of event you are planning and whether guests will be seated on tables in a conference setting or whether they will be floating in the space. Choosing a venue with the layout that fits your event is extremely important.

When looking at the function space for your next event there are many elements that need to be considered. * Is there appropriate soundproofing between the rooms – especially important to consider if your content requires a quiet environment. * Is the venue wheelchair accessible including access to bathrooms and any other areas your group may need to visit onsite? * Is there Wifi available in the function rooms and the signal strength? * Does the room have sufficient natural light and conversely is there the option to block out the natural light if it is affecting the viewing of the projection screen. * Are there bathrooms close by? * Is the function space easy to find, you do not want attendees becoming lost before they arrive at the event. * Does the function space have the appropriate AV requirements? * Where are the meal breaks going to be served.


When sourcing a function space there is one big tip to hire venue catering. All events regardless the occasion should offer some sort of refreshment for the guests. However, it should be noted that hiring external catering can be costly and may not fit within your current budget. Its always most convenient to choose a venue that can offer onsite catering for your event.


Location is another important consideration when planning an event. The venue’s location should be easy to get to. For a local event, you may be looking for a venue within a reasonable distance from most attendees’ homes or places of work. If many attendees will be traveling from out of town, a venue near the airport or their hotels will be beneficial. In whichever case, don’t forget to consider traffic, transportation, and parking option.

If you want to reduce the chance for your attendees to be late, provide them with a mobile event app, which is essentially a standard these days. With GPS maps, driving directions, and parking information at their fingertips.