Marriage Celebrant for your big day!

To most couples, the ceremony is the most important part of their big day, so of course, marriage celebrants are a big part of this. Here are some hints and tips to help you choose the perfect celebrant to officiate your marriage.

Choosing the right celebrant for your wedding day is very important. The right celebrant will be able to work closely with you, understand exactly what you want and help you achieve your storytelling. They will have knowledge when it comes to certain traditions and beliefs, will offer any suggestions and help you decide on what should be included in the ceremony and what should be left out. The right celebrant will get the day rolling along nicely.

Ask questions! There’s absolutely no harm in asking your marriage celebrant questions. However, if you do feel awkward or get the feeling you can’t ask, finding another celebrant might be a better option communication is key.

It’s also a great idea to meet them in person. Living in an online world is good to an extent, but meeting someone face to face will only enhance what you’ve read up on them. This way, you’ll get a feel for how they work, their personality and an indication of how the ceremony will play out. This would also be the perfect time to organise a rehearsal, so you feel comfortable with the ceremony format.

And finally make your booking. You’ve selected your celebrant so now it’s time to book it all in. Popular celebrants will likely book out in advance, so make sure to make this a priority to avoid disappointment.