Choosing a Wedding Celebrant

Choosing the perfect Wedding Celebrant is an important task. Just picture this scenario, you’re walking down the aisle, waiting for your partner to spot you. They turn and see you and you take their breath away. After weeks, months or even years of planning, you are finally taking your vows in front of your loved ones on probably the most important day in your lives. The person standing together with you in front of all your guests, welcoming them and officiating your ceremony is one of the most significant people at your wedding. They are the one asking you to commit your lives together and you now have the opportunity to find the perfect Celebrant for you as a couple.

You can choose, speak to and meet many wedding Celebrants before deciding on the right one for you. You can find someone that suits your style, someone you really connect with and trust to have the responsibility on the special day. Here are our top tips to choosing the right Celebrant for your wedding day.

Use your venue choice as a guide

If you are still unsure about the type of ceremony you’d like, use your venue as a guide. Have you chosen an outside wedding, a tipi wedding or perhaps a ceremony in garden or a waterfront venue? Any outdoor wedding requires a Celebrant with either a strong voice or a microphone system to cope with nature and different acoustics! Ask your favourite celebrants to talk about their experience with the type of ceremony you’d like and for ideas. A good Celebrant will get your creative juices flowing and give you a taster of what they can offer.

Decide the tone of your ceremony

You’ve probably been to a few weddings before, or you’ve looked at enough wedding magazines to figure out the type of ceremony you’d like. Now, simply ask yourself whether you are looking for an informal ceremony filled with laughter with a relaxed tone, or whether you’d like your ceremony to be formal and follow a traditional structure. Or would you like a combination of the two? This will ultimately be the framework for your search and help guide you to the ideal match.

A good Celebrant will ask these questions and will work with your style and requirements to create something highly personalised. They will understand your humour, confidence, personality and should put you at ease so that their creation is something that makes you feel totally confident about your special day.

Book in advance

Celebrants get booked up fast, especially good Celebrants. Ensure you leave plenty of time to book in a consultation and pencil in a date. The last thing you want to do is find the perfect marriage celebrant that is already booked for your date! offers a wide selection of marriage celebrants throughout New Zealand and you can contact with your perfect marriage celebrants to make your dreams come to reality.